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Thread: โปรแกรมสร้าง E_Book Flip Album 6.0 Retail

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    โปรแกรมสร้าง E_Book Flip Album 6.0 Retail

    หามานานมากครับตัวนี้ เจอแต่ที่เป็นตัวทดลองใช้
    FlipAlbum Pro 6 + CD Key
    Serial FlipAlbum Pro Serial:

    มันไม่สามารถใส่รหัส Cdkey ได้เลย เพราะเป็นตัวทดลองใช้
    ต้องใช้ Crack เท่านั้น โปรแกรมมันป้องกันส่วน Registerกดไม่ได้

    ที่ได้มานี้เป็นตัวเต็ม ครับ.
    พร้อมธีม ให้เรียบร้อย 100 กว่าเม็ก

    FlipAlbum Pro 6. Including themes downloads

    ข้อมูลในส่วนนี้ถูกซ่อนไว้ (คุณต้องสมัครสมาชิกและมี 5 โพส}:

    http://board.obec.go.th ครับ[/hide]

    Tried and tested, enjoy using!!!!!!!!!
    รวม 3 ไฟล์ เมื่อแตกแล้วคือ 132 MB (138,450,007 bytes)

    New = new features in FlipAlbum 6 Pro
    Intuitive Viewing Experience
    - Realistic 3D Page-Flipping gives you a natural and intuitive viewing experience.
    - Multi-page rapid flipping for album browsing.
    - Preview individual image in full screen mode.
    - Hold album pages. Hold and compare contents of different album pages.


    Easy to Create, Manage and Organize
    - QuickStart Wizard. A 3-step wizard to guide new users in creating an album quickly by opening a folder of images, selecting the page layout and a theme for your photo album.
    - Create full-page layout with multiple photos, text, audio and multimedia. Play multimedia files direct on album page.
    - Add bookmarks. Customize the shape and color of bookmarks.
    - Automatic creation of thumbnail overview, table of contents and index.
    - Drag-and-drop thumbnails, contents and index to rearrange pages quickly.
    - Search function. Search for text strings and annotations on album pages.


    Customize with Editing Controls
    -New Users can now add their own crop shape, in addition to those default shapes provided.
    -New User can now add GIF objects on page, including animated GIFs.
    -New Allow the user to change font type, size, color and style to the table of contents.
    -New Allow user to select different templates when opening a folder. Users will have a choice to choose either Image Layout Options or Insert Annotation Option or Image Effects Option (3D/Shadow) or Option to insert Overview/ Contents/Index Page.
    -New The fonts used by the Album creator will be embedded into the album CD. Recipients of the Album CD will no longer need the fonts to be present in their PC in order to see the fonts used.
    - Built-in themes and borders. Spice up your photo album with a wide selection of professionally designed themes and borders.
    - Theme CreatorTM. Create your own themes for any occasion with your favorite front and back cover, book and page background.
    - Supports MP3 playlist. Add your favorite list of MP3 musical tracks as page or background music.
    - Retouch (red eye, brightness, contrast, etc.) or add special effects to your photos with the built-in image editor.
    - Add and customize an assortment of picture frames to your images with a click of the right mouse button.
    - Add 3D and shadow effects to your images.
    - Cropping shapes. Crop your images into different shapes and add character to your photos
    - Multiple selections of objects on Page. Select multiple objects and you can cut, copy, move, delete, rotate, resize, add effects, set links etc to your selection all at one time.
    - Insert translucent annotation text for special effects.
    - Transparency support. Select a specific color on your images to be transparent. Great for photo overlay.
    - UNDO/REDO function.
    - Hide/unhide entries on the Overview/Contents/Index pages.
    - Grids, guides and ruler for alignment and layout of objects and text on album pages.
    - Works with the most popular images and multimedia formats: .opf, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pcx, ico, .wmf, .pcd, .png, .psd, .wav, .mid, .avi, .mpg, and .mp3.


    Encryption and Security
    - Image encryption option. Protect your copyrighted material to prevent unauthorized copying of images from your CDs.
    - CD password option. Assign a password to your photo album CD to prevent unauthorized access.
    - Watermark option. Add watermarks such as your name or copyright message onto your images.
    - Print lock option. Control your recipients’ ability to print photos and images from your CDs.
    - Assign an expiry date or the no. of consecutive days the CD can run, on your photo album CD for evaluation purposes or to limit access


    Export and Share
    -New Export albums to a higher quality MPEG-2 video to create SVCDs or DVDs.
    -New Commercial online use requires a separate license. More info: Online Digital Signature
    - Upload and share your digital photo albums on CDs with friends and family. Album CDs created can be played on both Mac* and PC.
    - Sell your customized photo album CDs or distribute them as promotional tools.
    - Pop and play feature. Just pop the album CD into a CD-ROM drive and it plays instantly – no installation of software required.
    The CD pop-and-play feature is available on Windows only. Mac users have to launch the viewer program manually.
    - Supports multi-album on CD. Add more than one photo album per CD and front covers of albums will be displayed on a bookshelf.
    - Playback on most DVD Players**. Share your photo albums on TV with friends and family.
    - Print entire photo albums or selected pages. Print multiple photos on a single sheet of photo paper.
    - Individual photos can be printed on standard 4R/8R or Avery® Templates/labels.


    Presentation - Auto Flip Function. Set the flipping direction to start either from left to right or vice versa.
    - Auto slideshow. Present the contents of your book as a slide show with auto-play. Slide show options include variable time interval between slides, transition effects, number of rows and columns of photos, etc.
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    ไปหามาจากไหนอ่ะ ผมโหลดมาได้แต่ตัว trial อยากได้ตัวจริงอยู่เหมือนกัน เก่งจิงๆ
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    อยากได้จังเลยแต่ post ยังไม่พอ ต้องเข้ามา post เยอะ ๆ ก่อน แต่โปรแกรมตัวนี้มีประโยชน์มากในการให้ผู้ที่ต้องการทำ ebook ได้สร้างสรรผลงาน ในการนำเสนอความรุ้เพื่อแบ่งบันให้ผู้อื่นได้
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